My Story

My name is Yammy and I am nearly 30! I have a VERY long and complicated story and lets just say I have overcome A LOT of obstacles and issues in my life, ranging from severe issues with mental health problems, severe OCD, addiction, unsettled housing, troubled relationships and terrible unhappiness. I was unable to eat properly mainly due to my OCD and fear of sickness since childhood and my physical development growing up was poor. I did not have periods for 10 years and was told by at least 5 different professionals that It would be highly unlikely that I would conceive. Despite having a supportive family, we have often struggled to understand each other mainly because I was never able to understand myself.

In 2009 I was at a real low and struggling with my failing health. I was in hospital almost weekly and had terrible problems with my lungs, stomach, and worst of all potassium. My OCD during this time worsened during this year making it hard to me to eat anything taking me to less that 40kg. Which is where I stayed until 2 months before my wedding in 2012. But in the April of 09 a friend of mine showed me the film The Secret. It totally changed my life. Even though it is very 'Americanized' and rather far fetched it is true. It is all about The Law Of Attraction and the idea that what you think about, you bring about.
Think positively and dream and you will get what you wish for, and if you don't its because better things are waiting. The next day everything change!

I moved from a terrible location to a very upmarket area despite everyone telling me I wouldn't be be able to find one in my price range, I did through believing I would! I signed up back to do a second foundation degree in Creative Art Therapy Studies and I started dating! But instead of settling I made sure that who ever I stayed with was PERFECT for me. I only wanted the best for myself.

As time went on I slowly got better in my health, by mentally I was happy, OCD was getting better, and I moved in to an even more beautiful flat right in the heart and hub of Bristol. I graduated with my foundation degree with a 2:1 and I decided to top it up to a BA hons and did Fine Art for the final year! I had done makeup at points in my degree and then did a course. I now focus on this and do weddings, occasions and home tutorials and also have my YouTube channel and blog as well as my doing art and illustration.

I then met my husband Chris when he recognized me online and messaged me. It was love at first sight and within the year of 2012, he proposed at the Olympics Center court at Wimbledon, We then married and moved into our Married quarter 200 miles from my home city. We decided to try for a family asap but was referred to the fertility consultant at the anti natal unit, then suddenly, it happened and we got pregnant! I know now that as in the last year my periods came back, that my reproductive organs have almost 'recharged' themselves. It is such a blessing and all your prayers and thoughts would be welcomed during this journey.

My husband is Chris is 29 and he is currently serving with the Royal Irish Regiment based in Shropshire. He has previously served in the Royal Navy as a submariner before moving to the army and serving with the Royal Logistics Corps. He has served 2 tours of Afghanistan with both units.

We have a dog Mr Patch who we rescued and is the most adorable thing ever ever ever in the world EVER!!!!
                                                          Our Dog Mr Patch!

                                                              Our beautiful vintage wedding

Our engagement Photoshoot

                                             The Proposal at Center Court Wilmbledon

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