Friday, 27 September 2013


SO this week has been a little bit more relaxed and I have been much less anxious than during my first trimester!! I have been really really busy with work and hospital appointments this week (nothing related to pregnancy)so I guess that has kept me from over thinking!!! 
I have been feeling ok, but one thing is that I am feeling very very FAT!!! I have always been very underweight, and always worn the same clothes for pretty much the last few years, with the odd new item here and there but things like jeans I buy, I tend to keep for a while, same with dresses and tops. I have always had to shop in H&M childrens section for trousers and jeans and worn aged 12 everytime. Even Size 8 has almost always been to big especially around the leg. So as you can imagine wearing bigger has been a massive shock!! I wanted to be more shapely but now I am starting to get a bit too shapely for my liking! My jeans are now in storage and I am in maternity but getting into my other jeans is like a distant memory and I am shocked I even ever fit into them! Bras I have never really worn just vest tops and if I do wear them I am a 32B or 30A. Now I am in 32 C/D!!!!Its so so weird for me!!I cant even explain, I like it at first then as I got bigger and bigger its just feels horrible. Kind of more puffy out and like I am swollen? However I am not really liking the weight gain around the midriff (not my bump but just above!) and really need to start thinking about packing away all my old clothes and embracing maternity clothes sooner!! I think this will make me feel better about myself, and I am sure when my bump gets bigger I will feel happier as at the moment, it is at the size where unless you know me you cant tell that easily that I am pregnant!! It is all going to be so worth it, but like most women a changing body is hard to get used to and its the sudden change that has been hard. I am not even eating any more than I was before due to my digestive issues and certainly not as much fat,(though I have just devoured many cakes at our Macmillan coffee morning!) on top of drink supplements that I am mainly having so maybe its not wonder!

As for how I have been feeling, I have been ok apart fro feeling a bit more tired and worn out quicker than before. Also on Monday I had terrible dizziness and light headedness that caused me to nearly collapse then on top of that we suspect my potassium took a nose dive again (I have chronic hypokalemia and anemia), as I was unable to hold myself up on my legs for a few hours on Tuesday, but by the time I got my bloods done I had taken extra and felt a bit better. I also got my iron checked when I suspected might have actually been ok, and I was glad that it was. Just before we moved here, my iron went down to 2 and I was given a blood transfusion, which has really helped me to build up my stores and so though at the time it wasn't great it has set me up quite well for this pregnancy. Then by Thursday morning, I feel better which was just as well as I had to travel to Birmingham for a dental hospital appointment.

When I went to the doctor she was surprised that I was only on midwife led care and has now sent me for obstetrician lead care which is what I should have been to start with. My osteopena (thinning bones)was quite severe in 2009 and then 2 more years of no periods has mean that in 2011 it progressed to some osteoporosis of the hips and though its mild, the osteopena is still there mostly in my spine and the pregnancy could cause it to get worse. Meaning that due to the weight of my baby, and the birth It could be a massive risk and in worse case break my back literally, or fracture my hips during birth. So my whole birthing plan will now have to be re assessed. It sounds drastic but its not as bad as it seems, at worse I may have to deliver slightly earlier via C section. But I will know more when I see the obstetrician.  And to be honest I was just to releaved to be able to get pregnancy and as long as my baby is health I don't mind what kind of birth I have!! But other than these new findings all seems ok)

OHHHH and I brought a dopler in the end!! I am a bit naughty with it and use it twice a day, but it keeps me calm and reassured:) It is the Angelsound one and though doesn't give a heart rate its pretty good for the money! 
Well I shall go for now, I have rambled, but will post more about the weekly shenanigans and also my husband who keeps asking 'have you written about me yet!!' So he might have to have a blurb written about him!!

How far along? 15 weeks and 0 days

Total weight gain: Defo Gained!! Not sure how much!!I dread to think and will NOT be weighing myself for this pregnancy. People have asked why and with my digestive disorder and metabolic issues as a result of that, I feel its quite different to the type or weight gain of the average healthier person
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings, some jeans and some tops
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Still weird dreams and the odd wake up for a pee!
What I miss: Starting to miss my body at 11 weeks ish!:(
Movement: umm I think so? I cant work it out, feels like bubbles, and like a rolling twisty sensation kind of, i'm not sure!
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: some cramps and pains around the belly, Horribly itchy boobs and nipples, weight gain, my hair is falling out A LOT!!! Occasional dizziness.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit. Thats about it!!
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate water veg like cucumber. I have gone off a lot of things
Mood: Mood is better and I feel brighter:)

Thursday, 12 September 2013


A Collection of my art work through out the years in order of Medium

Illustration and Brainstorms

Click READ more to See more...


Well today was our NHS booked dating scan (yes the one I couldn't wait for hence having previous ones!) And it is also the scan in which the test for Down Syndrome is offered. For this test Blood is taken as well as some measurements from the ultra sound known as the nuchal translucency where the measurements are taken of the fluid space between the back of the neck. 

When I went in for the scan, I was very tearful. I have been like this since the start of the pregnancy, call it hormonal stress or genuine anxiety! But for some reason I was very tearful, frightened and also tired! Probably as I knew these test would take place. I was unaware that the Downs test was optional however (I am aware the Amniocentesis test is, but only after the risk chance is worked out from the NT)

The sonographer was so reassuring and lovely, however she was concerned about how I would be after my risk factors came back. She stated that many women have said to her that they wish they never took it as it only made them have very miserable pregnancies especially when the test factors came back as medium or high risk. And even then the test is never 100%. Chris and I know that really to us the test means nothing. Whatever the out come, it is our baby and we will love him him/her no matter what and if we did have a Downs baby with an extra Chromosome, then that's one more chromosome to love. Of course at our 20 week scan, we will have more test done for any abnormalities. 

She let us go out for a coffee for a short break to just think about it and also because the baby was so wriggly she could't get any good measurements!! We talked it over and is was just not a option for us to take. We went back into the room and had a lovely scan! Baby is now nearly 3 inches and was very active and wriggly. She did take the neck measurement for us just for some extra reassurance (it is the blood test she would need if we wanted the full screening)  as it showed that it is within normal range. 

I feel much more reassured and happier about this!Our dates again have changed!!Only she stated that now the dates dont change just the size of the baby!! Sooo give or take a week we are due the 21st of March not the 19th! Making me 12 weeks and 6 days!! I have included scans from the previous scan at 11ws and 5 days that dated us 12 weeks and also the scans from today that dated us 12 weeks and 6 days!!So pretty much 13 weeks!!

So here is our baby today at 12ws 6 ds

And below is 12 weeks exactly though we though I was 11 weeks plus! It is a much clearer scan or at least baby legs are much more obvious! We did see more detailed feet this time and also the the body is now watching up with the head!!


And here is my bump at 10 weeks and also 12/13 weeks!!Again I think there is a lot of bloating as in the morning its really small and as you can see 10 weeks its bigger!!!

How far along? 12 weeks and 6 days

Total weight gain: Lost 3lbs
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings and some tops
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Still weird dreams and the odd wake up for a pee!
What I miss: Not much!
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: bloating, some cramps and pains around the belly, Horribly itchy boobs and nipples (sorry for TMI),ache or at least my skin is worse due to oils, my hair is falling out A LOT!!!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit. Oh I seems to like curry and find myself thinking about it...A LOT!!
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate water veg like cucumber. I have gone off a lot of things
Mood: Mood is better 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My YouTube Channel!!

Dont forget to check out my Youtube channel!! There will be a new channel coming vlogging the pregnancy! But this if just for make up, tutorials and reviews!!!
 Slight pause at the moment as STILL waiting for my husband to upload a new video editor for me so stay tuned!!


I thought that I would compile a quick list of tips that can make your skin look beautiful! Its quick and easy, and good for your skin!!

People who I have spoken to over the last few months who lead busy lives constantly tell me the same thing 
'I don't have time', 'I can't be bothered with all the faff', and the best one 'I just use baby wipes'!!!
Well baby wipes should be left for babies bums not faces! It is so important to take care of skin well, especially as you only have one face!

MAC Face and Body Tutorial!

OK sooooo it has taken me AGES to do a review on this and the reason why was because I didn't think I liked F&B that much!! I just couldn't seem to get it to work well on my skin, however I was able to use it on clients all the time and determined to make it work on myself!!


This week has just been chilled and Chris and I went Glamping!!! We stayed in these amazing heated pods with electricity so we had a kettle and laptop and everything!!

So this is where we stayed!!!It was eventful seeing as our lovely little dog Mr Patch decided to escape and run after horses!! Anyway we pottered about in a beautiful village called Church Stretton only about 40 mins from where we live and it really help me rest my mind a bit. In fact I even brought my first purchase for the baby! It was in a charity shop that the old ladies from the Women's Instituted knitted. They were so beautiful and I don't know anyone that knits so I had to get them!

The day we came back from the pods we had yet another scan (I know!!!I am really bad with my anxiety!!!
Same place again BabyVision and this time out baby was VERY active and had done about 5 somersaults whilst we were there and turned on its side to face us and everything! We heard the heartbeat again and all seems ok. Baby Measured at 12 weeks not 11 weeks 4 days like we thought bringing my EDD right back to the one we first worked out at 19th March!!

What I think I have missed writing about is that I have a very long history with several illnesses since childhood that had permanently effected my health. I will do a blog about this and also update my About US section so you know, So keep watch out for that.

 My bump seems massive here BUT it was totally flat the next morning then like this again by evening so i am sure its bloating!!

How far along? 12 weeks 0 days
Total weight gain: Not checking! But defo fatter!
Maternity clothes? Maternity leggings
Stretch marks? no
Sleep:  weird vivid dreams still! and up for pee!
What I miss: Nothing at the moment
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Bloating, backache, acne
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate and gone off water veg like cucumber
Mood: Better and actually feeling happier and positive


This week Chris came back so I was super pleased as started to really struggle with finding my coping methods whilst he was away. Military wives will know what once their spouse is away, they tend to have a coping strategy or routine that they get into and I always have done and there for always coped when he has been away. This time with the change in area, and circumstance I found it harder!! Also he is now on 2 weeks summer leave so that has made up for it all!!

My nausea seems to lessen this week and really chuffed about that! However over the last few weeks I have had terrible fatigue and sleep best part of 6 hours a day making it very hard to get any work done!!I work from home and around doing make up for weddings, occasions, home tutorials and also my blog and YouTube channel. On top of that I still do art and illustration.  So this has made me feel very down!

Again this week I booked into another scan. I just cant seem to get over the fact that the percentage of doom lessens as the weeks go by and it really getting me down how I cant just let go and enjoy this process.
By the scan again was amazing. The company we used Babyvision In Shropshire are FANTASTIC!! They have amazing equipment that is far more clear.

We heard a heart beat of 159 and also our little bean who we have named Yamstopher, (haha!!) was jumping around like mad!! So very pleased:) The sonographer zoomed right in and we saw put baby very close up on a huge flat HD screen!! Worth every penny I say:) 

Baby measured at 10 weeks and 5 days when I though I was 11 weeks and 1 day!

My Bump has been really inconsistent and in the mornings its so so flat the same as my 5 week bump!! But I guess there is a lot of bloating!

How far along? 10 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain: I dread to think from last time!!I am not monitoring this!
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings 
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Still weird dreams and the odd wake up for a pee!
What I miss: Not a lot now! Getting used to it all!
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: bloating, some cramps, constipation, backache terribly, ache or more spots!! Oh and my hair is falling out A LOT!!!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate  water veg like cucumber
Mood: Mood is better 


So for week 7 things were just and crazy in our house!! First off I was battling the debilitating nausea!! And secondly my terrible anxiety! It just really bugging me now and I am normally a go with the flow type person but not this time!!Also Chris has been away for the last 2 weeks as he is injured and had to have treatment and assessment at Headley Court.
Because I have got my 'system' or routine when he is away, this has changed somewhat because I am pregnant, i.e I cant do the same things I did before like long hot baths with a drink of Amaretto or Baileys and ciggy and also its the first time I have been away from him in my new posting, where as before in Bristol I could visit family, stay over with them and also there is a million and one things to do there unlike here!! So it has got me down a bit!
Anyway this week we had yes another scan!!We have been paying for them privately but for me it is worth the money!! And this time from thinking I was 7 weeks and 6 days going by the dates of the 6 week and 3 days scan, turned out I was a few days ahead and 8 weeks and 4 days!!! Anyway enough confusion!!

How far along? 8 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain: I dread to think from last time!!I am not monitoring this!
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings again but did buy a top just because I liked it!!
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: very weird vivid dreams still! my husband is still getting them too!
What I miss: Same as before! Baileys liqueur and I know its terrible but the odd cigarette with it! though getting used without it!
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Nausea, bloating, cramps, constipation,
Wedding rings on or off?on
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit
Food Aversions: Still hot chocolate and gone off water veg like cucumber
Mood: Low due to anxiety and Chris being away.


Unfortunately I do not have a bump shot for you guys this week! And its been crazy!! I had terrible cramps at the start of what I though to be week 7. I went to A&E to see what was going on as it got unbearable and i was so convinced there was something wrong. The doctor thought that maybe my pregnancy was ectopic and so had arranged for a scan the next day. Also they found some blood in my urine.

Anyway the next day we had a scan and wow I can not even begin to describe how terrified I was. But when we went in, we saw a little tiny babba and its little tiny heart beat. It was such a wonderful thing to see.

So I relaxed for a bit but until now( 12 weeks, this is a backdated blog!) I just couldnt relax still!

But here is our first little scan, oh and yes it dated at 6 weeks and 3 days! Making our due date the 23rd of March when we were originally estimated the 19th!!

 The baby measured at only 5mm!!!


UPDATE (backdate!) 5 WEEKS!!

Starting from the beginning as I was so anxious and terrified about this pregnancy and something bad happening that I did not want to write about it, talk about it, or even look at anything to do with pregnancy and babies!!!
Sad I know but I guess that is just my way of coping with it, and it was such a contrasting feeling to that I had when we first found out we were pregnant!! So here is week 5!!

Week 5

This week I had started to come to terms with the fact that we are pregnant and having a baby!! Its such a weird feeling when you have been dreaming about if for so long, and more so in my case when you have been told you will never conceive naturally.
Been feeling mega nauseous this week and also noticed that I have gone off hot chocolate! Those who know me know I am addicted to it!!

So here is my 'bump'!! Its well non existent right now!!

How far along? 5 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain: 4kg!!!OMG!!
Maternity clothes? Just maternity leggings! I don't know why i never wore them before they are sooooo comfy!!I have always been a leggings/jeggings gal!!
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Quite good only very weird vivid dreams! The my husband is getting them too!
What I miss: Baileys liqueur and I know its terrible but the odd cigarette with it!
Movement: no
Labor signs: no
Symptoms: Nausea really bad!!bloating, cramps, constipation, heartburn
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Cravings: Non but eating more yogurt and fruit
Food Aversions: Used to LOVE LOVE LOVE hot chocolate and totally gone off it!!
Mood: Low due to anxiety

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